01 Januari 2012

Color and Culture

Green is color of hope and nature.Lots of countries,groups of people-even religion groups like Catholis and Muslim-like use this color. Ireland is one of the countries that used a lot of green.According to an Irish legend,Saint Patrick,the patron saint of Ireland,used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the pre-Christian Iris people. That's why now Irish people around the world like to wear and turn things into green on very St.Pactrick Day,March 17. An example of this is the chicago river,which is always dyed green in this yearly celebration.


In Thailand,people used to wear yellow on Monday to Celebrate the King's birthday. Sadly,pople don't really apply it anymore because a big political party that took part in a big political dispute has used this color for their uniform since last year. So people who are not into this Particular  party are reluctant to wear this color. In China,yellow and gold are used for imperial service.Both of them symbolize wealth and happiness.

Every thught why western-style wedding gowns are usually white? It's because they believe that the white bridal gown symbolized maidenhood. This tradition was started by rich people in the 16th century. Queen Victoria was the one boosting this tradition by wearing a white gown instead of silver,which was traditional color of royal brides at that time. In China,on the other hand,white is associated with death. So,never someone you love a bunch of white roses there!

Long before white was believed of the color of purity,blue was the one that symbolized it instead. Both the brides and the groom wear a band of blue material around the bottom of their wedding tradition of wearing something blue came from.

When someone is born as a noble or belongs to a noble family,he/she is born in purple. That's what people in United Kingdom believe.Yes,for them,purple represents nobility. Uniquely,in South Sulawesi,where the tradition clothing for women is baju bodo,purple is the color for windows.

Chinese people believe that red means good luck,prosperity,happiness,and joy. That's why this color can easily be seen during the celebration of Chinese New Year and at wedding

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